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Fri, May. 21st, 2010, 03:33 pm
trav28: Alan Moore, he knows the score (and Doctor Who) for that matter.

The new issue of Alan Moore's siblime 'zine (or lifestyle paper for one who has an interest in anything counter culture) Dodgem Logic has hit the stands this week.


Now, why the Doctor Who reference. Well, there's a wonderfully indepth article written by Mr Moore on the subject of Magic, an interest that has remained very close to his heart. In order to illustrate a concept he uses a wonderful metaphor as to what would happen if all chairs on earth disappeared and correlates this to the fault of creatures from a Dr Who episode, mucous dripping aliens from space who find that they can use chairs as a kind of drug. (I am paraphrasing here but it makes sense in the article, trust me!)

The 'zine also features a free iron on transfer and some wonderfully realised comics and articles. Well worth £3.40 of your hard earned dosh.

In other news....


Is Doctor Craig Ventor an anagram of that famous Kaled scientist Davros?


I'm a dalek, you're a dalek, everyone's a dalek