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Fri, Apr. 29th, 2011, 10:45 am
trav28: Listen to the lyrics!

Man with a box:

Listen to the lyrics!

Salad A man with a box Lyrics:
In the 1920s a man with a box came to stay
In the 1930s the man with a box went away
In the 1940s a man with a box went beserk
In the 1950s the man with a box left for work
A man with a box could be loving and he knows it
But a man with a box don't work that way
A man with a box could be loving if he tried it
But his rainclouds are permanently grey

In the 1960s a man with a box opened up
In the 1970s the man with a box drained his cup
In the 1980s a man with a box came along
And in the 1990s a man with a box wrote this song
A man with a box made a train escape from Euston
While his butterflies went wild in the woods
The police report stated that every year at Margate
The daisies grew a different shade of brown

Tue, Apr. 12th, 2011, 12:47 pm
marlowe1: Season Premiere of Season 6

So I went to the Doctor Who premiere at Village East theater last night. I basically spent all day Sunday finishing off all the papers that I needed to finish for the week in order to justify taking a whole day off. I got there at 1pm and the line was already around the block as in down one block, take a left, keep going down the block, find out that it's still going down the same block.

So I settled in for a six hour wait. Talked to the two guys who were at that place in line - whose names I didn't learn until hours later when we finally got around to introducing ourselves. Probably should have friended them on facebook. We talked about books and movies - interesting that we all agreed that Heinlein but Delaney is pretty cool even if Delaney is always challenging a heteronormative viewpoint. Somewhere in the conversation, they got on the BDSM topics as Chris had just gone to The Eagle whereas Patrick said that it wasn't the same and I laughed at the old New Yorker "it's just not the same as it once was" snobbery but then they had to explain that The Eagle is the gay leather bondage bar. And that started a lot of discussion where I as the token straight actually learned a whole lot more about bdsm culture than I thought possible. I mean, sure, me and Chris were both more familiar with fandom and furries than Patrick (and Patrick refused to watch Showgirls which the two of us were rather shocked by) but for the most part Chris and Patrick were doing most of the talking.

Better stories - Patrick talking about how in his Central American private high school that he was the kid with the dad who drove the lamborghini so he could be as flaming as he wanted. Later on Patrick's friend showed up and said that he had a similar experience in his Catholic high school as the meanest and scariest nuns were also fag hags so no one messed with him by virtue of fearing the nuns (and he asked out the priest, of course). Patrick talked about a guy that he went home with who tied him up and tickled him for two hours. THen untied him and that was it. Only a couple days later, he ended up going home with the same guy not realizing that it was the same guy until he was tied up and realized that he had to go through that shit again.

Chris' best story was about how he was a sub and the radio station was playing soft rock. Instead of gagging him, the dom just said "shut up" and as they tied him up, he started singing along to "Uptown Girl" so that was the end of his time as a sub. He was always too demanding as a sub anyhow.

At 7pm, we discovered that our "your in the third theater" tickets were not going to work for us as it was full and then they gave us hats (anyone want a Doctor Who hat) and red tickets and told us to go away until the 10pm show. SOme of us did. I went off to get a shwarma, but as far as leaving and coming back at 930 - uhuh. Waited six hours to get to the head of the line.

At 930 the actors came out and I got to see the top of their heads as everyone crowded around them with cameras and pictures to sign. THen they got into an RV limo and went off. I think that the other people on that Q & A panel were coming out too but no one crowds a writer for autographs and photos (not even Neil Gaiman).

So then they let us in FINALLY. After 9 hours. The episodes themselves were pretty good but with some reservations. Dr. Song is taking the line that they are going in opposite directions so we've seen all of her future interactions with the Doctor and every time he sees her she will know him less. Only in The Library, it was already stated that he shows up a week before she makes that trip to the library to give her his sonic screwdriver. So presumably they aren't in a indirect proportional relationship. Also, Moffat set up the ending to the series in the first episode, which he kind of did throughout the last season. I liked that RTD had continuing storylines that culminated in a big finale. However, I wonder about Moffat announcing his series ending from the first episode like he did with season 5 with the cracks in space and time. On the other hand, I do like that Moffat is planning for spectacular endings without being a repetition of the "world is going to end" apocalypses so beloved by RTD.

And I'm not really sure why the Doctor took such a hard line against the villains of the episode as they were all ugly and creepy but they didn't seem like they were all THAT bad for the human race. Of course, that's always a problem with Doctor Who stories - there's always this "yeah, let's kill those guys" coupled with "murder is wrong" sermonizing. It was more obnoxious with RTD where he really couldn't write a villain who wasn't a completely despicable and beyond redemption. With the villains for this episode, they didnt seem like they were all that bad - they certainly weren't daleks or cybermen - so the Doctor's position seemed very kneejerk and clumsy.

Can't really give much more. Good show though.

Tue, Apr. 12th, 2011, 04:32 pm
trav28: For a group that says it's "apolitical"...

The mod is yet again being an utter cretin:


Trying to undermine the current series through his own political agenda is most uncool. It's a tv show and a fan group ffs!

Inappropriate much?

So, thoughts!?!

Mon, Jun. 21st, 2010, 06:40 pm
trav28: Amy Vs Salad

Is it just me or does Marjine Van Der Vlugt quite a ringer for Ms Pond?

Best video ever!

Fri, May. 21st, 2010, 03:33 pm
trav28: Alan Moore, he knows the score (and Doctor Who) for that matter.

The new issue of Alan Moore's siblime 'zine (or lifestyle paper for one who has an interest in anything counter culture) Dodgem Logic has hit the stands this week.


Now, why the Doctor Who reference. Well, there's a wonderfully indepth article written by Mr Moore on the subject of Magic, an interest that has remained very close to his heart. In order to illustrate a concept he uses a wonderful metaphor as to what would happen if all chairs on earth disappeared and correlates this to the fault of creatures from a Dr Who episode, mucous dripping aliens from space who find that they can use chairs as a kind of drug. (I am paraphrasing here but it makes sense in the article, trust me!)

The 'zine also features a free iron on transfer and some wonderfully realised comics and articles. Well worth £3.40 of your hard earned dosh.

In other news....


Is Doctor Craig Ventor an anagram of that famous Kaled scientist Davros?


I'm a dalek, you're a dalek, everyone's a dalek


Wed, May. 19th, 2010, 06:45 pm
trav28: Oh dear...

I think this says it all re: The horned hypocrite...


Discuss your preferences in an intelligent manner; wank, bashing, trolling and puerile insults are unwelcome.

I guess it's ok for a mod to character bash (yet again....)

Sun, May. 9th, 2010, 08:02 am
trav28: Oh dear....

Sometimes I weep for humanity,


Looks like the usual boneheaded stupidity is reigning over there again. While the mods are happy to jump upon the original poster (who admits he was being a little mischevious and tongue in cheek), they do nothing to quell the anti-religious rhetoric there.

It seems as if the predictable and the "norm" views are accepted but when a person challenges the status quo or points out an issue that another poster disagrees with and resorts to single word replies or something tantamount to "religion is shit", "I'm not a christian but...", the mods do not tick them off. **

One poster does challenge THG at this point but completely deflates it by saying "they do an excellent job" and another states that this community has "less wank". Well, for the record most of the wank (or oppositional discourse, shall we say) gets deleted. Anything remotely resembling a challenge or deconstruction sees the poster banned or his comments deleted.

Still, nice to see THG is being consistent as per the norm....

How long must this go on for I wonder? Even though the mods have installed another maintainer, there is no external balance or redress and no voice for those who have been banned or bullied or censored.

On a lighter note - I did enjoy Vampires in Venice last night but there were a few pacing issues. Some lovely tidbits of what is to come though. I think the Moff is going for a full reboot - and not just for Nu-Who either. Mondasian Cybermen anyone and proper Skaro-sian daleks? Oooh, the excitement!

** I am an atheist, for the record. I have no religious (or political) affiliation but I do believe in freedom of speech and the ability to express one's views without being censored or lambasted for my belief.

Wed, Apr. 28th, 2010, 06:10 pm
ed_fortune: The Doctor and Gender

Jolly interesting discussion on the whole "The Doctor regenerating as different gender" issue after the fake LJ-cut.

Input from the fandom would be good.

Sun, Apr. 18th, 2010, 01:40 pm
hanily: RECAP of Doctor Who, Episode 3

So, you've probably got a loads of these, but one more won't hurt will it? :)

A RECAP (so spoilers) of the new episode of Doctor Who and my thoughts about it really and as of now, it's really up in the air as to whether or not i continue watching .. :/

On to my journal - please discuss :)

Please no flames - it's just my honest opinion :)

Sat, Apr. 17th, 2010, 03:36 pm
trav28: *sigh*

I see that thehornedgod is still smoking his own special blend of crack and stupidity.


Who cares if an actor endorses or supports a certain party? Will it sway me in my voting choice?

Errr...no because TV is TV and politics is like, REAL LIFE

Sometime I weep for humanity.

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